Day 21 Christchurch

A Nice day to stay in bed……well I still got up for breakfast so BLAH. Beautiful day so I walked around Christchurch to see how its going after the quakes. Well to say its still a mess is an understatement for sure. After 3 years I would have thought that it would have been more advanced than that. Street entertainers and flower booths try to cheer the place up but even the happy Man in the cap who said “Tram ride mate?” couldn’t take away from the feeling of sadness that lay on the city. I suppose a small GDP and population makes it hard too. Ahh well back to the hotel after a few beers via the flower show in the botanical gardens which where very beautiful in the sunshine. Fish and chips for tea and see if i can sort out this web site. And the towers are almost out of fuel to lol.

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