a.back home

OK just got home All updated and all spellings to Sarah. although I bet you go through it anyway lol. (Monday). fantastic time. Met some wonderful people and saw some wonderful places. Thanks Rail trail. Look forward to doing more in the coming years. Empty case do washing and repack for Friday….WOO HOO. New Zealand here I come.


b.The Kyle of Lochalsh

Set off at 11.00 after another hearty breakfast.  Weather was clear as a bell if a bit nippy, but the train was very comfortable tbf. Les (the guide) did say he had never seen it so clear so I took loads of pictures on the train, Snow covered mountains and glens but no sign of those elusive hairy Cows. Guide yesterday said she saw one go for over £4000 which does seem a lot for a cow. Anyway the scenery lived up to its name for sure. about 2 and a bit hours and we was there staring at the Skye bridge, A bit of modern amongst the heather. Did not look too out of place.

















Saw a Hairy cow on the way home, but think I missed the photo. Will check later. Missed the deers though.

Had time for sarnis and tea at the Lochalsh hotel and a quick walk around before time to head back. Back to Inverness at 5. Time for beers and dinner. Remind me to buy bigger size in walking shoes next time to.



Well just to say that everyone was set for bed to avoid the after dinner disco and on came Ronnie Ross. good show and everyone enjoyed it. even me lol

I can even say I liked the Scottish songs and good luck to Inverness in the footy. “we’ve got a Cathedral and a Bridge” lol…..in joke!

cheers Ronnie


d.Inverness & the monster

what a trip

8 hours on a train is the longest I have been on. But not too bad tbf. food and wine all the way lol.

this trips travel disaster was the stewardess throwing away the  tickets with the rubbish. Luckily the guard believed us.



Hotel very nice. the royal highland. huge breakfast. loverly

Went to Lochness today and castle Urquhart on the edge of the loch. very windy very cold but very beautiful. We did keep an eye open for the monster but apparently st Columba scared it off in 565ad. Ill have to have a word, but we where hopeful once we got on the boat. Apparently he didn’t think it was worth his while to sign my programme as there was only 9 of us. Watched a movie at the castle about Scottish history. lasted 8 mins……hmmm

Pictures WOO HOO. Thought the monster one was quite good tbf. It was huge. I was 5 miles away when I took it. Luckily we where heading the other way.











Very informative bus driver on the way to the loch and back and thanks to Cameron for a good tour of Inverness this morning.

Train tomorrow and Scottish music and lots of beer tonight.  (what do you mean it looks like a seal!!!)