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Ok….new addition for when I get home. The cookery page. Met lotsa people that wanted to know things that I did not always know the answer to and i got some new stuff too. So this will be where that goes.


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  1. Well Im going to put this in now before I forget. This was Diana’s Roasted veg salad.
    Sweet Potato
    Cherry Toms
    All roasted separately. Of course he says lol. In balsamic vinegar & olive oil. Only just cooked so not mush. Diced quite small too. Very Important. Mix em up to taste. Served cold. Ill update when Ive tried it at home.

  2. Ok, Lisas guacamole

    1 x Avocado (ripe)
    Sweet Chilli sauce (Good Glug)
    Diced peppers (small)
    2 garlic cloves
    Sour cream (2xtablespoons)
    Diced onions (small)

    Try it. It was loverly

  3. When roasting beetroot always roast separately until it is cooked otherwise it stains the other veg. And the sweet potato does not take as long as it looks. Again cook separately until slightly crisp but do not overcook. None stick container with a little vinegar type to taste. Try different types. I do use balsamic now. I tried slightly boiling the carrots. seemed to work ok.

  4. Sausage casserole (feeds 4)

    Cook 6-8 large butchers sausages. (they hold together better than S Market cheapies)
    Put into large saucepan
    1 x can baked beans
    1 x can Chopped toms
    8 x Medium cup mushrooms (halved)
    2 x courgettes (sliced into chunky rounds) If you don’t like courgettes use another veg. I use them as they cook at the same speed as the other veg.
    Sliced sausages (1″ thick rounds)
    1 sliced onion
    To thicken use 2 x packs of powdered sauce. I use colemans sausage casserole mix at home or I used brown onion gravy here.
    It gives the right amount of spice and thickens the juices.
    mix that in a separate bowl with about 1/2 pt of water & pour into the saucepan.( you can add more water if it looks a bit thick but be careful as the veg juices add to it as they shrink)
    On a medium heat for about 30 mins or until it looks thick. Don’t forget to stir it to stop it sticking.

    You can serve it with mash or I did garlic bread.

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