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Hello & Welcome to my Web Site

There are lots of things here so please click on the area you would like to view at the top

Feel free to look at anything you wish even if you here for a buffet or party

Also if you wish to comment please feel free to do so although and unpleasant or derisive comments will be removed.

This site is dedicated to the best parents in the world who made it possible.

See me here too

Just let me know to be a friend

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Got me coffee and an egg sarni and 2 hrs to go to flight. Emirates say that there is no return on the ticket but travel agents say don’t worry lol. So if I don’t come home you know why 😉

  2. Hi perry hope you are enjoying the journey it,s 5-30 here so I suppose you are about 4-5 hours away from landing,we are going out for a little while,I will leave you to guess where(tough one).happy landings.pat and clive

  3. Thank you for your wonderful comments guys & Girls. look forward to more. I see beer….laters. Tell Alex the parts for the coffee machine are on their way and not to drink at nights cause ill be watching!!!

  4. Sorry about none contact guys & gals but we is in the Mountains up here and no signal or Emails for the last 3 days. Looks like its gonna work tonight so I will be updating.
    Its stunning up here. Hope you read all about it later

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