Byron bay

Well after almost a week here I am well rested after my exhusting 20 day tour of New Zealand. Lisa goes to work at her law firm and charlotte goes to day care and I Relax and drink coffee read papers and try and work out how this site works. Hope you like the new features as I will be using em more when I get home. As you can see The area around Ballina/Lennox head/ Byron bay is an extremely beautiful location. We went down to Byron Bay today and walked around the lighthouse and the town. It was very hot. Full of holiday makers and surfers here for the weekend. All Bronzed & tanned. Just like bay watch lol.P1020709 (1280x961)

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The history of Europeans in Byron Bay began in 1770, when Captain James Cook found a safe anchorage and named Cape Byron after John Byron. In the 1880s, when Europeans settled more permanently, streets were named for other English writers and philosophers.The lighthouse was built in 1901 at the most easterly point on the Australian mainland. Still works to, and a great view. I will be here for a while, but of to the gold coast for 2 days tommorow. Should be fun.

Day 4 Back to Auckland

Sorry this is late lol….had a heavy night. We lost Dan and Agnes in Auckland today. They went on another tour and we will miss them. It was a scream. So we all went out on the raz and had a farewell dinner. Good luck Guys. It was a pleasure. See you in Ontario soon. We left Paihia and the Copthorne hotel after visiting the treaty grounds. It was quite scenic, and I went round the hut where the treaty of Waitangi was signed. This first treaty gave the Maori  the rights of British citizens and the protection of the crown.







We stopped by some decorated toilets BLAH. Sorry didn’t get any pictures lol.  Apparently some Austrian guy stopped here and tiled them all. Very Nice heh heh. From here we went to the Glow worm caves in Waiomio. This was pretty spectacular tbf. Stalactites and Stalagmites every where and the little blighters that glow in the dark where everywhere. No pictures as she would have left us in there if we had taken any lol. Then an Indiana Adventure through the jungle. Phew 150 steps out.

The cardio was going crazy.  Lunch and a quick stop in sandy bay then onto Auckland and the Sebel suites. Done my washing to. nice. (I have to say after staying there twice it will be one of the better places we stayed. )

Welcome to Nigel & Pat, Mike & Janet to the party who we picked up at the sky tower before leaving Auckland



Well here I am. Thanks to Lisa & Charlotte for inviting me to stay. Got to see Sidney harbor bridge & the opera house. Fabo…cant believe im here lol….hope you got that text brother mine. So this bit of the holiday is going to be a rest for sure. Its not as hot as I thought it would be. But I will keep everything updated. Gives me chance to sort out the 1000s of photos I got. heres some more.
















Day 21 Christchurch

A Nice day to stay in bed……well I still got up for breakfast so BLAH. Beautiful day so I walked around Christchurch to see how its going after the quakes. Well to say its still a mess is an understatement for sure. After 3 years I would have thought that it would have been more advanced than that. Street entertainers and flower booths try to cheer the place up but even the happy Man in the cap who said “Tram ride mate?” couldn’t take away from the feeling of sadness that lay on the city. I suppose a small GDP and population makes it hard too. Ahh well back to the hotel after a few beers via the flower show in the botanical gardens which where very beautiful in the sunshine. Fish and chips for tea and see if i can sort out this web site. And the towers are almost out of fuel to lol.

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