My Name is Perry.

This is my blog site for my travels and any thing else I can think of

In 2013 I decided to give up my work for a while and go and see some of the wonders of the world with the savings that I had as you never know how long you have before you are pushing up the daises. I was 50 then so now I get all those discounts from those over 50s sites to LOL

  • I live in Pentrebach in Powys and run the shoemakers arms, a pub in the middle of nowhere.
  • my home is provided by the pub at the moment and is home also to the dog and the cat. I love life and don’t believe in being miserable or unhappy.
  • I have run clubs and pubs all my life but hope not to work too much longer and live by the coast.
  • I love playing games, online mainly, but have a pile on my phone and ipad to. Keeps the brain ticking although most of the women who have been in my life thought it was silly. (They don’t Understand eh!!)
  • I have a brother called Bob who lives with his wife in Shrewsbury. Hi Bob.
  • I can be a bit of a DJ when I want. Got all the kit but don’t play BOOM BOOM music. (Love karaoke too)
  • I own a Caravan on the coast  which is soooo peaceful and quiet. (see page)

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Perry,
    I hope you’re well.
    I wondered if you are the same Perry Johnson who worked at Davy’s of London Winebars back in the 80s?
    My apologies if you’re not :))
    I caught up with an old friend Andi and she asked after you (well, you if you are that Perry :))
    I worked at Skinkers and the Cooperage winebars.
    Great website by the way!
    Julian Smith

  2. Well it’s only 1 year late lol.
    Just found this as I update site.
    Yes that is me Julian and I remember those days. Some of the best times of my life to be fair.
    Hope you are well and life has treated you as well as it has me.
    I remember Andrea as well. It is good of her to remember me.
    We all had a fun time too.
    I keep in touch with Jeff Gibson as well if you remember him.
    New email is there

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