Well off we went on quite an adventure.  Finished my job at the good old Surbiton Club and we flew out to Disneyland in Paris on 29th December.




I took my daughter Samantha who was 13 at the time.  I knew it would be a nightmare of a shopping trip so I took Plenty of Money. Yes she brought the ears.IMG_0042

Train was wonderful but we did loose our passports  which I didnt notice until the hotel asked for them  DOH

This of course meant a trip to paris on day 2. Mind you got to see the Eiffel Tower so there was a bonus. (well we got close!!)


We stayed at the Newport Bay on the park and went to see buffalo Bills show on new years eve which was fab. Then stood under the castle in the Magic Kingdom at 12.00. There where thousands there but it was certainly an experience I will not forget.

Got the train home on New years day





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